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Mini Pixels Mini Web Design Package
For Startups & Small Businesses
Just £10 a Month

Our Mini Pixels Web Design Gosport Package

The Mini Pixels website has been created to bring attention to our new business website package for Gosport startup businesses, the Mini Package. This is an inexpensive Hampshire web design offer - a Mini Pixels Package website for your business that has been designed for Google searches for just £10 a month!

Mobile friendly, responsive web design with SEO, hosting and maintenance included!

Our Mini Pixels Packages are created by a Hampshire web design firm that has produced successful websites for over 15 years, with hundreds of happy web design clients in Gosport, Hampshire and across the UK.

With the same programmers working on your website as those that create our larger Business Web Design Packages, you can be sure that your website will work beautifully across all types of device, whether it's a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

The Mini Pixels Package was created so that all Gosport businesses, however small, could afford a professional website. It's perfect for Hampshire startups and for those businesses without the huge capital for marketing that isn't always there at the start.

After designing successful websites for so many years, we know what we're doing. We don't just plonk code down on a page hoping that it will work. We spend time testing to ensure our web design is right for mobile phones, tablets and desktop PCs - responsive, mobile friendly Hampshire web design - to ensure that your website will reach the widest possible audience!

  •    Over 10 years of designing websites
  •    Hundreds of established clients
  •    Orginal designs - we do not use templates
  •    Help & advice whenever you need it
  •    Never any hidden costs
  •    Web pages that look brilliant
  •    Modern, latest web designs
  •    An honest service

Monthly Payments with No Hidden Extras!

We offer an honest, straightforward web design service for Gosport.

Please do view our portfolio so that you can see precisely what kind of website you will receive from us for your Gosport business.

We will create a highly Google optimised site for you that is responsive - this means that it will be 'officially mobile friendly' - so that people can view your Gosport website whether they are on a desk computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

We will include your logo if you have one, a slideshow of images, a gallery of photographs, plenty of descriptive text and a contact form so that people are able to easily contact you.

You will find that with many web designers you need to pay for separate hosting and you may well find that the hosting you receive is on a server that is slow and unresponsive. We include hosting for your website on fast business quality servers - so no extra payments to make!

Most updates that you will need to have made to your website will be done free of charge. We have to say 'most' because updates could mean changing the whole site! The only other thing that you need to pay for a Mini Pixels Package, in addition to your £10 monthly fee, is the cost of your domain name, which is £21 a year.

The Mini Pixels Web Design Package will make it easy to get your Gosport business, whether a startup company or already established, online.

  •    Affordable web design
  •    Mobile friendly. responsive websites
  •    Updates & maintenance included
  •    Optimisation for Google included
  •    Hosting charges included
  •    Just £10 a month!
  •    No tie-in contracts
  •    We're here to talk to when you need us

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